Solar Energy Advertising Lightbox LQ-TY8

Solar Energy Advertising Lightbox LQ-TY8


外形尺寸                   H2400xW1200xT450mm

颜色                          可定制

主要材料                  镀锌钢板

视窗面板                  钢化玻璃

光源                         10pcs T5/35W 220V、50HZ/110V、60HZ

系统配置                  全自动滚动系统

体积                         1.27m³

重量                         146kg




Solar Energy Advertising Lightbox LQ-TY8

Traditional bus booths and garbage bins have a single function, old styles, low number of placements, high maintenance costs and high energy consumption, and some old and damaged garbage bins even affect the appearance of the city. The new solar energy-friendly cleaning box has many functions and new styles, and its beautiful and neat design can enhance the image of the whole city. The solar energy light box made by Lingqi Optoelectronics adopts high-tech, multi-functional, energy-saving and environmental protection, low-carbon economy, no need for conventional energy loss such as electricity, solar photovoltaic and LED light source, can still absorb ultraviolet light without direct sunlight. Light energy can be illuminated for 3 days under normal conditions. It is in line with the current environmental protection, sanitation and civilized city construction. It is not only novel and beautiful, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is conducive to strengthening the appearance of the city, building a clean and beautiful environment, and enhancing the image of the entire city.